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— Daily Tune 14/12/2021

A Blaze Of Feather’s “Belerion” Marks Yet Another Enigmatic Tease Of Their Upcoming Third LP

“Belerion is an ancient name for West Kernow, the land that I’m from and it’s another tune that is really close to my heart”, Mickey Smith, creative head of Cornwall-based A Blaze Of Feather, has to say on the latest tease into the upcoming third LP called Claire’s Lane. And indeed, the piece breathes the mysterious air of the English Southwest, as much as it presents a meditative and intimate reflection on shelters in times of trouble, most profoundly put into an image by the fitting metaphor of a “lighthouse in the storm” in the song’s lyrics. Coming on in an immediate and pressing matter, Belerion flows like a river and develops an impressive aura of a sonic rush, reminding us to hold on to what we love and to let go of the things we cannot retrieve (“Love what you can / Lose what you lost”). It remains impressive though, how A Blaze Of Feather is capable of creating a mood that much permeated by the texture of mystery and the open space of the sea, again crafted with great success on Belerion. Head right over to the song above and stay alert for the new record which will be out sometime in late March next year.

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