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— Daily Tune 10/12/2018

A Mote Of Dust – ‘Slow Clap’

As you might know, the work of Craig Beaton will always be on our radar. The former singer of legendary Aereogramme and The Unwinding Hours presented his first real solo effort as A Mote Of Dust in 2015. Back then, I also had an extensive talk with him about how he’s building his musical self around his everyday self nowadays. Now Craig B has announced a second A Mote Of Dust album (out March 1st) – something we honestly didn’t necessarily expect to come. But Slow Clap, the first glimpse of it, is an exciting statement. With its build-up, the synthetic, piano-driven sound paired with Craig’s soothing voice and some irritating moments, it’s not a usual single. Actually, this could have happened on an Aereogramme record back in the days. There’s something brooding in this song and in Craig Beaton when he sings ‘Wow, you really showed them now, didn’t you?’. Slow Clap can be read as a bitter farewell to a relationship and also, more likely, as a comment on the Brexit. In the end, it boils down to this: If you are leaving then I can’t stay. Considering that Beaton announced that this will be the final A Mote Of Dust release, this is a bitter, melancholic but empowering statement.

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