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— Daily Tune 01/11/2021

Aisha Badru Opens Up Aerial Spaces By Turning To “Rooted” Adventures

Is there anything better than a mellow start into a new week? Well, if you agree, we got something for you that quite fits in that regard. Rooted is the most recent output of indie-folk artist Aisha Badru and it is a spacious and serene aural flood of atmospheric synths and tender vocals. “Plant your feet upon the earth”, she sings, while the breezy dynamics of the tune reach for nothing less than the stars themselves. While Rooted deals with the experience of committing yourself to a certain surrounding, its wavy enthusiasm allows room to develop beyond the firm ground your feet may be resting on. Currently, Aisha has relocated from Yonkers, NY to a home outside Orlando, where she lives sustainably, practicing permaculture with her partner and her 1.5 year old twins, also using her platform to promote her passion for environmental topics. And what a fitting tune to amplify her mindset, right? By pre-saving the albums and singles (such as the upcoming The Way Back Home EP, out December 3) one can contribute a donation to the non-profit One Tree Planted. Make sure you head over to do so, while giving this gem a good spin!

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