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— Daily Tune 27/11/2020

Alex Jayne’s “Pictures” Is A Poetic Dive Into Nostalgic Terrain

Rounding off an eventful year, Pictures is the fourth and final 2020 single from Staffordshire-born songwriter Alex Jayne. Equipped with a consuming sense of gloom that radiates through the nostalgic surface of the accompanying Super8-film that shows a girl lost in her shiny make-believe world, this song dives deep into a relationship that exists only in photographs. With vocals that climb to electrifying peaks and yet manage to create a magnificent flow, the atmospheric alt-pop touch echoes the likes of Daughter or London Grammar, opening up spaces of melancholy and desire. “Pictures is about breaking free from my own attachment to photographs from the past. And how easy it is to be seduced by nostalgia – to ignore the truth behind a rose-tinted lens”, Alex expresses herself. Pictures beautifully pours that vivid sentiment into sound and I warmly invite you to get drawn into her cosmos right here.

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