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— Daily Tune 13/10/2021

Alex Jayne’s “Shapes” Is A Magnifying Peak Into Her Upcoming EP

Alex Jayne‘s debut EP The Blue is just around the corner (dropping on November 5th) and it looks like the affair is going to be an alt-pop wonderland, if it at all follows the lead on her latest tease with Shapes. Broad and consuming in its production, with a brooding sentiment and a swelling horizon, the new tune wonderfully outlines the alluring qualities of the Staffordshire-born songwriter. “Shapes came from wanting to break free of the idea of what box you should fit in”, she explains. “I’m influenced by so many things and when you realise there are no rules you start to see things differently. It’s so easy to scroll through the lives of others then reflect that back on ourselves. This song is about breaking that spell. Writing ‘Shapes’ was super liberating, I wanted it to be empowering in its own way”. Tune into this one right here and stay on board for more on here soon!


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