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— Daily Tune 26/11/2019

Alice Boman – ‘Don’t Forget About Me’

Alice Boman used to be a stripped-back writer who kept her music simple and sweet, to the point where her early EPs were titled Skissar (Sketches). Over the years she’s moved away from that, to colouring in between the lines of her songs and towards a fuller, more-developed sound. Still, her ability to paint moods and feelings hasn’t changed, and her songs still sounds like daydreams caught in a bottle. New single Don’t Forget About Me doesn’t need to do a lot – a little bassline, tap of drums and some synths are all she decorates the song with, and then she adds her voice, whispering like a ghost on your shoulder, timeless and stunning. She says: “This song is about being lost in a fantasy about someone or something. I’ve done that sometimes, when I’ve been interested in someone, or the idea of a person, but known it could never happen or hold for whatever reason. It’s about how you can be aware of that, but want to remain in the dream or illusion a while longer, and draw it out fully”. Boman‘s debut album Dream On is out on January 17 on Adrian.

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