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— Daily Tune 20/07/2020

Alice Phoebe Lou Wants To Feel It All On Melodic New Single “Touch”

Her fabulous Live at Funkhaus album dates only a few months back, but much loved songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou simply keeps the magic going – her most recent single Touch is a lovely proof for that. Surrounded by soft, melancholic feels, this song is as easy-listening as it is spellbinding in the mellow sense it captures the feeling of desperately longing for a significant other. I want the real thing I want it bad / Want you to hold me like you never have / Can our bodies meet again / Like it’s the first time / Like there’s no time”, Lou croons over a flickering synths lines and a laid-back guitar part. The melodic arrangements give the tune a certain kitsch, seem even naive, and yet make up a fascinating piece of performance, once paired up with the strong urge expressed in the lyrics. Treat yourself to this fine gem right here!

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