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— Daily Tune 25/06/2021

All The Luck In The World Share A Stirring Poetic Vision With “Waves Poem”

The now Berlin-based Irish trio All The Luck In The World are preparing to re-enter the scene and the beautiful expansive Waves Poem is a strong indicator of where the journey might be going this time. The song “started life as verses in a notebook. It was basically a completed poem that we adapted slightly, which we like because it feels cyclical, much like the tide and the waves”, the band shares. While the poetic potential of this poem turned song is beyond question, the tune presents an arousing dynamic in between acoustic sincerity and electrified gleam, like waves rushing back and forth, abandoning their flow as they reach the shore. “Waves can sing a voice is carried just above the ocean floor”, one line goes and that is exactly the feel you get: Standing amidst a raft in the middle of water, letting yourself into this sonic stream. Don’t miss out on this one and make sure to come back once their third record How The Ash Felt arrives.

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