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— Daily Tune 06/07/2020

Amalie Holt Kleive Unveils Sparkling, Dreamy New Single “Ser du nå”

Originally a jazz school kid, Norwegian musician Amalie Holt Kleive later turned her hand to electronic music, which resulted in her 2019 EP Slippe, which innovatively blended pop and electronica for a sound that twisted and turned in unexpected directions. That made her one of Norway’s most exciting new artists, and now she’s back putting out more singles this year, the latest of which is Ser du nå. Ser du nå takes a different tack to that EP, swapping out its sharp rushes of sound for something feather-soft, slow and dreamy. Her voice barely gets out of whisper territory for a lot of the song, but she still stands as a strong presence at the heart of it, surrounded by bubbling beats that have the warm glow of the morning sun. Ser du nå doesn’t need to be loud to make its point – this gentle, pretty song still makes an impact on its own terms. It’s out now on Eget Selskap/ Blanca Records.

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