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— Daily Tune 04/11/2021

Anaïs Mitchell Crafts A Powerful Wonder Of A Folk Ballad With “Bright Star”

For those of you who follow our blog closely, the name Anaïs Mitchell can hardly be of news to you: Aside the praise all over from TIME magazine, Pitchfork, NPR and the New York Times (just to name a few), the artist has recently prominently adorned several pieces of Big Red Machine‘s fabulous sophomore How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last? with her voice, as well as steered one third of the folk trio Bonny Light Horseman. Now the Vermont-based singer-songwriter has just announced her upcoming self-titled album (the first material under her name in a decade) and Bright Star is a tease every single one of you should have a listen to. Raised by a mellow build-up and the typical folky feel of tender guitars and subdued keys, Mitchell pulls off an astonishing blow of poetic expression, full of melodious strokes, genuine emotion and sharp songwriting. She does best to vindicate her reputation of being a musician hailing from the world of narrative folksong, poetry and balladry, as the tune willingly exemplifies. The new record is out next January, and we cannot wait to dive into it, how about you?

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