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— Daily Tune 12/07/2021

Anna Leone’s “Remember” Is A Tender Ode To Love And Loss

If you haven’t stumbled across the wonderful Anna Leone yet, it is high time that you do, and why not start with the poignant Remember, the latest single of the buzzing newcomer? Simplistic guitars lead on the tune and the Stockholm-bred songwriter doesn’t need more than some seconds to charm those who listen with her vocal sense of harmony and tenderness, as the tune glides into realms of mystifying gloom (“I remember days when every word was kind / I remember tears, they never seemed to dry”), picking up a vibe that easily refers to acts like Daughter or Wildes. Just in between the emotional thunderstorm Anna Leone reveals lyrically and the ringing capacity of the sound itself, this beautiful piece unearthes a tension that strikes as powerful as it is harmonious. Treat yourself to a stunning live take of the piece right here as a tender start into this new week!

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