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— Daily Tune 02/03/2021

Lo-Fi Melancholy Makes A Sparkling Comeback On April June’s “Wish I Could Hate You”

Between around maybe 2010 and 2015, there was a whole ecosystem of great, lo-fi indie songs, with a new band popping up with a scruffy, melancholic classic seemingly every week. For some reason, that seemed to change post-2015-ish (maybe everyone sold their guitars and bought funk bass loops, maybe the invention of Juul pods killed the soul of ‘real indie’), but Wish I Could Hate You, the new single from April June, harks back to that era. It’s a song painted in soft, hazy colours, and one that perfectly captures that sense of a daydream’s gentle, unspectacular sadness, one that lives in a sigh rather than a sob. To all that she adds some glittering guitars and sparkling melodies and harmonies, and it comes out as music that’s scrappy but effortlessly catchy, that shoots straight for the on-loop playlist inside your head.  Wish I Could Hate You has a cover art that suits it down to the ground – it’s essential listening for staring out the window on your next depressed bus ride.

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