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— Daily Tune 28/02/2018

Arionce – ‘Burning Tree’

A man is haunted by another man. A black demon who is everywhere: in the bathroom, at the chess table, in the bed. Most of the time naked. What does this demon want from the main actor in Arionce‘s new video Burning Tree? In the end the haunted man even… well, you got to see for yourself. Maybe it’s his inner demon, a longing that is slowly trying to kill itself. Burning Tree is Arionce‘s first single from their upcoming EP Deep Ocean Grey which will be released on April 6. A dark and dreamy track that chases you from its first moments. The band creates an atmospheric sound cosmos that puts you under a special kind of spell from which it is pretty hard to escape. It somehow feels as if the trio follows the footsteps of other great indie bands like Editors or Foals but with a unique sound. The three young lads definitely got some great potential and we’re looking forward to that new EP.

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