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— Daily Tune 10/01/2022

Icelandic Newcomer Arny Margret Delivers A Gracious Debut With “Intertwined”

The brisk winter period often present an invitation to go down memory lane and Arny Margret‘s Intertwined is exactly hitting in that curb, bringing forward the notion of solitude and the connection of past experiences, framed in a sweet acoustic setting. Born and raised in a small town called Ísafjörður, Margret exposes a rare and raw delicacy which have sure enough found their way onto this debut single, which is breathing a sentimental yet puristic air. “Past experiences kept coming back to me while I was living in Denmark, everything around me was different. It took some time to get used to. The weather somehow always makes a way into my songs, I use my dreams and my memories, words or phrases. And one day I came up with the lyric ‘our pasts are intertwined’ as if you’re connected to someone you don’t want to be connected to”, the songwriter shares. Head right over to this promising first Daily Tune pick for 2022 and make sure you keep this artist on your watch.

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