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— Daily Tune 06/03/2020

AVEC – Runaway

There are more than a few careers that start off with a big bang and are then doomed to fade as quick as they have begun. The one of AVEC is quite different from that. Sincere, unpretentious and without a lot of fuzz, she is known for creating sentimental songs that are packed with raw honesty, but manage to keep a lighthearted touch on the edge of being playful. Following two acclaimed records, the Austrian pop act is releasing the new single Runaway from her upcoming third album Homesick (out on March 27) today. Not shying away to confront topics of anxiety and restlessness, this tune fully relies on the delicate vocals, backed by an ever-present guitar front and a stately rhythm fundament. The tune does create an atmosphere of vulnerability and yet does not fail to shed glimpses of hope into the darkness from where it originated. With an output like this, we will keep AVEC close on our watch. Stay tuned for more – and give the song a listen right here.

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