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— Daily Tune 10/06/2020

Baseball Game Unveil A Lush Summer Day Soundtrack With “Woman”

Fans of moody, blissed out and hazy indie music you’ve come to the right place with this new single from Baseball Game; a creative partnership between Nashville/ L.A duo Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett. The band describe their name as “a nod to the defeat, shame, and embarrassment we sometimes feel in coming up short in the game of life”. Now I’ll admit, I know little-to-nothing about baseball – so I can’t really comment on the metaphor here. However, I can comment on the band’s undeniable ability to craft a soft-rock hook, with a uniquely chilled out approach. A fiercely D.I.Y style outfit, Baseball Game’s upcoming EP was recorded in two individual week-long sessions in one of the duo’s houses. They both played all the instruments on the release, allegedly only rehearsing once together before stepping in to record. Telepathic collaborators, the U.S duo bonded over a love for 70’s soft-rock and sun-drenched synths. Released via U.S Label House Arrest, Woman is a perfect example of the authentic, retro-influenced indie-sound Carpenter & Bennett are able to create. It’s an exercise in blissful simplicity, with a basic drum groove allowing the sultry melodic elements to do their magic. Their self-titled debut EP arrives on August 7.

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