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— Daily Tune 22/05/2019

Baula – ‘February 2018’

What were you doing in February 2018? To be honest, I can remember because like all lazy and feckless music hacks, I was hibernating under the office sofa till the festival offers came in the the summer, but some of you must have been doing things, right? Icelandic-Swedish band Baula were anyway, as that’s the title of their new single. The band released their first singles a couple of years back, but then they were more of an indie-pop duo, and since they’ve announced their new EP Drought, their sound has had significantly more muscle. February 2018 hones that sound into a dazed, dreaming shoegaze, with singer Karolina Thunberg’s gossamer vocal focused on forgetting in an abrasively pretty song about detaching yourself from the memories of someone lost. Drought it out on May 27 on Youth.

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