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— Daily Tune 26/07/2021

Billie Flynn’s “Hey Stranger” Sparkles With Celestial Grace

Here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION we are always down for a soothing start into the new week, and it’s good that newcomer Billie Flynn grants as this favor with her debut single Hey Stranger. Gentle as a light summer breeze and with a definite goosebump quality, soft acoustic guitars mingle up with Flynn’s ethereal vocal lines, delivering a fresh and yet stirring tune that settles into one’s ears. “It’s about seeing someone again that isn’t in your life anymore and hoping that they’re proud of who you are now”, the artist herself says about the track. That honest sentiment is soaked into a melodious flow, ever so soft and captivating, which makes it really hard to draw back from it, once you have found your way into the stream. Tune into this gem right here for now, as this is hopefully not the last sign of this promising act.

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