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— Daily Tune 04/11/2020

South London’s Bleach Lab Overcome Heartbreak On The Frail “Never Be”

As the stately echo of approaching guitars rolls in, you already know you are in for something very precious. Never Be by British indie quartet Bleach Lab is the fourth single of the up and coming dream-pop outfit and it might just be their finest musical showcase to round off a promising year: Ambient soundscapes gently embrace the delicate yet raw voice of singer Jenna Kyle, who is drifting of into terrains of the sentimental, when she navigates her way through the maze of “a breakup that never truly had a resolution”. The weight of emotional turbulence slowly sinks in with every second, and so do the gracious guitar fabrics, that echo the opaque sonic worlds of Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins. Tune in to this wonderful piece right here and watch out for these guys in 2021!

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