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— Daily Tune 19/12/2019

Boerd – ‘Before We Drown (feat. Stella Explorer)’

You remember Brödet right, the Swedish dark-pop gang we’ve featured a lot over the past couple of years? Things have been quiet on that front for a bit, but their silken-voiced singer Stella has recently emerged with a solo project, Stella Explorer. And in other recent events, Swedish producer Boerd has just dropped a new album, Misplaced, with a feature from Stella Explorer. To shine a little more spotlight on that, they’ve just put out a live session version of that song, Before We Drown. For fans of the various artists involved here, there’s plenty to like. As with their various day jobs, Before We Drown is a song that doesn’t need to start any fires to make it stand out. Instead, it finds the charm in soft, quiet intimacy, a testament to gently and carefully crafting a song into something subtly beautiful. Misplaced is out now on Anjunadeep, and you can expect more from Stella Explorer soon.

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