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— Daily Tune 13/04/2018

Boy Pablo – ‘Losing You’

Let’s take some minutes to philosophise about that seemingly idyllic place called Bergen in Norway. Personally, I’ve never been there, however, Bergen must be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Why? Well, artists like Kings of Convenience, Kakkmaddafakka/ Pish or lately Boy Pablo coming from the coastal city in Northern Europe produce some of the most beautiful music beloved by a worldwide indie audience. I know, it’s just a simple correlation yearning for validation. Maybe the impression comes about as the recipe of said acts often is the same: irresistible melodies, a warm sound and somewhat naïve lyrics sung by boyish voices. In case of Boy Pablo, Bergen’s latest export, everything about his music sounds so flawless that it’s super impressive that the 19-year-old singer-songwriter with ‘norwegian-chileno’ roots writes all tracks on his own. Last year, Boy Pablo aroused attention with his tune Everytime, the subsequent EP Roy Pablo and his, well, legs. It’s true. Just check the comments over at YouTube. The now-released follow-up tune Losing You is a sweet pop jewel that shows young Pablo eventually becoming slightly more POP. It’s fantastic! Losing You will bring you the best three minutes of your day.

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