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— Daily Tune 27/11/2019

Brooke Bentham – ‘Perform For You’

We’ve been following London-based artist Brooke Bentham for quite a while now. She has been touring with Soccer Mommy and most recently, with her long-time pal Sam Fender. Next year will finally see the release of her debut album Everyday Nothing, due on 28th February. The first single of the album is called Perform For You and was once again produced by Bill Ryder-Jones who will also play guitar on her solo tour. The track is both energetic and dramatic, proving both Bentham‘s strong vocal and songwriting talent. “I need to taste the blood of your lips”, she sings about a co-dependent relationship with words that will make you heartbroken, whether you’re going through actual heartbreak or not. This track shows that Brooke Bentham is definitely one of the strongest up and coming songwriters of her generation.

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