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— Daily Tune 11/09/2018

CHINAH – ‘Strange Is Better’

CHINAH‘s first single of the year, Yeah Right, was straight-out menace, opening with the line Baby I will let you down. The follow-up, Strange Is Better, moves in more obscure waters. It’s a piece of underground R’n’B disembodied and warped, a ghostly shadow of a song from a normal dimension. The song moves through several different phrases while holding its ability to chill and captivate. Vocalist Fine Glindvad explains ‘with Strange Is Better we wanted to make a track that kept its pace all the way through. To give the feeling of always moving forward. Like when you’re living your life too fast and you never really give yourself the time to think about what is going on and why you are doing the stuff you are doing’. Check it out, and check out the band performing it live at Tisvilde beach here.

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