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— Daily Tune 24/11/2021

Christian Lee Hutson’s “Strawberry Lemonade” Is A Sweet Adventure Of Its Own

To engage a famed duo like Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst as producers might be quite a strong statement, but the new single of newcomer Christian Lee Hutson quite justifies the engagement of the indie powerhouse. Strawberry Lemonade follows last year’s underestimated debut record Beginners and is a tender and yet progressive acoustic ballad that showcases Hutson’s craft of poignant lyricism and capturing melodic twists. “Strawberry Lemonade’ is a series of vignettes about memory, letting go and holding on”, the songwriter reflects and indeed the tune cuts deep, with lyrical gushes like “pain is a way you can move through time / and visit people that are gone in your mind”. Treat yourself to this lovely piece right here!

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