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— Daily Tune 03/09/2021

Clara Pazzini Takes You On A Cinematic Trip With The Orchestral Ballad “NOW”

Hamburg based artist Clara Pazzini isn’t easy to put into a box.  And that’s exactly what she’s aiming for with her music, as the singer is no fan of people’s urge to categorize everything in their lives. Her sound floats somewhere between avantgarde, pop and soul and pairs orchestral elements with electronic vibes. Now, a cinematic ballad and harbinger of Pazzinis debut album Boxes, shows the singers diversity and her preference for impressive, orchestral arrangements. The song deals with living during the recent pandemic where everyone had or still has to stay inside as much as possible. Although Now is sensitive ballad, Pazzini gives the listener hope for a better future and some greater times after the storm. Boxes is out on September 17, so make sure to have it on your radar.