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— Daily Tune 01/11/2018

Current Joys – ‘A Different Age’

As we are slowly heading towards the end of the year lists, it’s also time for deep regret about all the music that we failed to highlight for you in the past months. The record of a man named Nicholas Rattigan is definitely amongst them. Back in February he released a new album under his solo moniker Current Joys called A Different Age and it’s just one of those albums that come in handy for the longer, darker nights ahead of us. While Rattigan also has a lofi-surf band called Surf Curse running, Current Joys is his insular outlet. It’s equal parts Californian No Wave as it is a record that many 90s slowcore experts would have been proud of making. Its title song, A Different Age, is nearly seven minutes of painful self observation to sparse, sluggish guitar lines that, along with bedroom drums and synths, still manage to build up to somekind of strange anti-Heroes. But be warned, as soon as you hear Rattigan summarizing in agony that ‘this song is a joke and the melody I wrote, wrong!’ something inside you might just crack.

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