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— Daily Tune 15/01/2021

Kate NV Reworks Cuushe’s ‘Nobody’ Into Bright, Bubbling Pop

A meeting of minds here between two artists who spent 2020 putting out excellent albums. Japanese artist Cuushe, whose album WAKEN was a swirling adventure of colours and sounds, has turned over the track Nobody from that album to Russia’s Kate NV, whose own record Room For The Moon was one of 2020’s best examples of skilfully sculpted artpop. In Kate NV‘s hands, the soft and airy Nobody is reengineered into something entirely different. Cuushe‘s voices is dissected and depersonalised, and the whole thing is reworked into a bubbly, twitchy pop song. It finds a happy middle ground between the two artists’ work – the texture and atmosphere of Cuushe‘s song remains intact, but in its new form it can live easily with the clockwork rhythms and bright tones of Kate NV‘s world. It’s part of an album of WAKEN remixes, which is due out on FLAU later this spring.

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