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— Daily Tune 04/09/2020

Broken Dreams Glitter On CYBER’s Slow-Spinning Ballad “Calm Down”

Another offshoot from the Daughters of Reykjavík gang, two-piece CYBER (Salka Valsdóttir and Jóhanna Rakel) have recently released their new album VACATION, a Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino-style concept album relocated to earth and cloaked in glitter and internet aesthetics and style. There’s a lot to like about the rest of the record, generally slick hip-hop and art rock delivered with playful smarts, but the track Calm Down stands out a mile. Within the concept of the album, it’s the moment the lights come up hard, and the cracks and chips in fantasy’s facade become very obvious. CYBER have spun that into a weary but sparkling pretty sunset ballad, with a guest slot from JFDR .It’s a wonderful piece of songwriting, pulling the listener into emotional sync with the song, and makes watching everything you ever had falling through your fingers sound like a slow-floating dream. VACATION is out now on Sony.

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