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— Daily Tune 28/01/2022

Dahlia Sleeps’ “The Calm You Keep” Provides A Comforting Island In The Storm

“The calm you keep inside the storm is something else” it rings out of the heart of Dahlia Sleeps‘ new single The Calm You Keep and that sounds like a promise much needed in these bleak January winter days. The last track off the upcoming debut Overflow (to be released on April 8), it provides a serene and atmospheric setting that is both soothing and stirring in a kind-hearted emotional sense. “How do you move between/ The storm and sea?”, the song asks, as it captures the composure of a mother who accompanies her child through a mental illness. The London electro-pop duo is off to a great start with Overflow, a record that features “a lot of fight, bravery, will, hope and eventually triumph”, singer Lucy Hill shares. Listen to the tune right here and give these lads the appreciation they deserve!

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