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— Daily Tune 25/05/2018

Daniel Blumberg – ‘Minus’

Daniel Blumberg might not be very well known as a musician under his sole name yet. But for everyone who does remember Yuck, the name Blumberg should ring a bell. The fuzzy UK outfit did have quite an impact a few years ago, with Blumberg being a vital part of it. But apart from that band, he is a very bustling musician and artist, performing under different monikers and with lots of fellow musicians. Aside from being a visual artist as well. At the beginning of May, his first solo album as Daniel Blumberg, Minus, has been released via Mute Records. And it’s not too late to fall in love with it. The title track is a bleak champer pop affair with a light voice over dark tones. The violins are achingly overmodulated at times, Warren Ellis-style, while the sparse bass and the sleepy drive of the tune highlight Blumberg’s troubled and struggling lyrics.

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