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— Daily Tune 26/04/2019

das bisschen Totschlag – ‘Clay’

Hailing from Amsterdam and Hamburg, das bisschen Totschlag seem to have inhaled the essence of early 2010s vaporwave both in their hazy, melancholic soundscapes and their bizarre aesthetics reliant on cryptic song titles and 3d renders (I felt reminded of some madcatlady videos from years back). The majority of tracks on their debut LP Easy Care + Softener, in contrast, are calmative, setting into a gentle head bop as sprinkles of guitar are set atop largely electronic arrangements. Album closer Clay, which has now received a live video, notably veers from that formula: Putting forward the same pleading vocal delivery and foggy synthesizers, Clay wraps them into a more dramatic, engaging new-wave groove that slowly builds into distorted roar as the camera nervously shifts back and forth through the dark. Easy Care + Softener is out now via Coaster Records.

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