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— Daily Tune 11/07/2018

Das Body – ‘Boys’

This is all for fun— and if it isn’t fun, really why do any of it at all?’ – So says  Ellie Linden of new Oslo four-piece Das Body (Linden, Kim Granholt, Patrik Alm, Didrik Karsrud), and that philosophy flows through their debut single Boys. Boys is a sticky-sweet synth pop song that blends dumb fun and glorious pop songwriting in equal measure. Behind the irreverence and mischievous spirit, there’s real craft at work here, from the wobbling funk bass-line to the glittery charm of the chorus. For some reason the phrase ‘Niki & The Dove on laughing gas’ popped into my head when I was thinking about this song, but that’s obviously a stupid description so you don’t have to pay any attention to it. Boys is out now on Luminelle, and there’s an EP on the way in autumn.

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