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— Daily Tune 19/02/2019

Das Body – ‘Taller Than The Average Man’

Das Body, the Oslo band lead by Ellie Linden and Norway’s primary proponents of play-doh disco, are back with a new single after last year’s debut self-titled EP, and it sure is a good one. Taller Than The Average Man mixes up the usual ingredients in a Das Body musical cocktail – pop melodies, disco flair and a sense of goofy fun for a candy-coloured playground of a song, equal parts silly and striking. Despite its goofyness, it also has a real heart and soul – as any song that opens with the line ‘I am such a lonesome bitch’ will do. Up till now, they’ve succeeded in mixing their omnivorous musical tastes into coherent songs – Taller Than The Average Man is another sparkling example.  It’s out now on Luminelle.

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