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— Daily Tune 18/10/2021

Social Dislocation Meets Snake-Rock On Dino Brandão’s New Single “Decoration”

One thing Dino Brandão certainly has is an impressive bag of musical tricks. His debut single, Bouncy Castle, managed the curious feat of blending indie-pop with the sense of being trapped in a haunted fairground, and on his new one he shows himself similarly capable of somehow wrangling diverse elements into a cohesive whole. So how to describe Decoration? Maybe something in the territory of psychedelic snake-rock, but with a lighter touch. It’s not a particularly heavy song, but guitar lines slither all over it, and that’s paired with light-headed giddiness, a sense that things are barely holding on in the world of the sane. Brandão himself lords all over this like a high priest, a charismatic leader guiding the listener through the strange shapes of the world he’s made. Brandão says the song is about “A surreal feeling, that people now are just something like decoration, or bricks. But don’t worry, the constructions are falling apart – we’ve long stopped building things to last…”. It’s from his debut EP Bouncy Castle, out in November on Two Gentlemen.