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— Daily Tune 19/01/2021

Dives’ Re-Work Of “Stay Right Here” Is A Brooding, Late Night Affair

Knocking off a tumultuous start right after their first EP (headlining the Viennese Popfest, touring with Courtney Barnett) and 2019’s successful debut Teenage Years Are Over, Austrian surf garage-rock three-piece formation Dives are now ready to take off – although the title of their newest single Stay Right Here, might suggest otherwise. This one is actually a re-work of an album track from their debut, and it kicks off with a scratchy base line, fused with wistful electric guitars, just as the brooding vocals gently glide over these bleak hills. It wouldn’t really be a Dives song, if this mood weren’t about to be cracked up and get these guitars ringing in your ears – and that is exactly what they do in the chorus. For all the raging qualities the three-piece managed to squeeze out of the tune, the brilliant vocal harmonies that gently add layer over layer to the sonic palette, create a buzzing vibe that might easily give comfort during a late night stroll through the January cold.

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