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— Daily Tune 26/03/2019

DOTE – ‘Mango’

Dreamy vibes – swoosh – juicy instrumental solo: What might serve as an elevator pitch to DOTE‘s new single Mango are in fact subtitles pulled from its lyric video, directed by Mischa Lorenz. To the sound of chiming guitars, we watch groceries roll by on a conveyor belt while singer Jonah Lemm’s narrator reflects on his questionable behaviour towards his fling. His sketch of an alcoholic heartbreaker might call to mind lyricists like Alex Turner; however, instead of obsessing over his crush, Mango‘s character actually realizes his shortcomings as he fails to overcome them. The nuanced portrayal coincides with an instrumental that brings together DOTE‘s signature quirks with newly-found melancholia and a refreshingly new repertoire of 80s synth sounds – a growth we hope to soon hear more of.

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