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— Daily Tune 03/02/2020

Ellis – Fall Apart

Fusing hazy dream pop ambiance with mellow folk leanings, Ontario-based songwriter Linnea Siggelkow, better known as Ellis, has already been whirling up considerable attention with her debut EP The Fuzz back in 2018. Now, with the debut record Born Again about to be dropped on April 3rd, the talented artist shares the album’s first single Fall Apart, which is really worth getting into. In its core „an honest reflection of struggle with anxiety“, Ellis lays open a severe vulnerability, wrapped up in a heartfelt and compassionate musical atmosphere. Her poignant voice never leaves the realm of sincere affection, while the amplified guitars seem to carry that emotional weight right up to the end, just before a steady increase of intensity gives the song the proper melodic rise it surely deserves. Make sure to tune in right here.

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