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— Daily Tune 12/02/2019

ELLLL – ‘Febreeze’

Cork producer ELLLL is one of the leading lights of GASH COLLECTIVE, one of Ireland’s most exciting movements in electronic and club music at the moment. Now based in Berlin and a couple of years after her Romance EP, she’s finally back with new music. Febreeze leads her new release (it’s backed by a remix and a rework), and it’s a fizzing, skittering piece of club music. Unlike Romance, its tone steers it away from darkness and heaviness – instead, without wanting to sound too much like a blurb for the deodorant the song takes its name from, Febreze is bright and nimble, a song that stitches together a tapestry of shimmering, featherweight sound. The Febreeze EP is out now on First Second label, and another, more techno-focused ELLLL-release, CONFECTIONARY, is out on Glacial Industries on February 22.

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