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— Daily Tune 14/03/2019

Elsa – ‘Two’

Swedish Elsa Martinsson runs her solo project under the name Elsa (well, duh), and now she’s back with a brand new single, Two, which showcases her talent for pop music that slickly bubbles its way into your head. If you want an example of how influential Tove Styrke‘s Sway album is going to be over the next few years, you can definitely hear an echo of her angular, acrobatic melody style in Two. But this song is no xerox – instead, Martinsson knits together the varying elements here into smart, sharp and uber-modern electronic pop that captures her own character and makes something distinctly her own. Martinsson says: ‘I think it’s a really common thing. You have this amazing person in front of you, but all you can think about is how much it would hurt if you didn’t. Two is about putting that fear aside and jumping in anyways’. An EP is due later this year.

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