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— Daily Tune 18/09/2018

EUT – ‘Sour Times’

If 90s alternative pop already counts as retro (I fear it does) than EUT definitely got their retro vibes right. Formed 2016 in Amsterdam, EUT first stepped into public with Supplies, a single released in June 2017. Creating quite a buzz in their home country, it’s for these fab five to reach beyond. Their debut album Fool For The Vibes arrives on October 5th and Sour Times is a neat first impression what to expect. Despite its title, Sour Times actually grants us three pretty sweet minutes full of twangy guitars, a broad pop sound, the pretty irressistible vocal lines of singer Megan de Klerk and an aptly goofy video. It’s a highly enjoyable package that can be unwrapped by all of you during upcoming live performances. For example, what a nice coincidence, EUT will be performing on the Reeperbahn Festival this week. On Thursday, September 20th, the different stages of Molotow all belong to upcoming Dutch talent at the Dutch Impact Party. Catch EUT there at 2 pm or wherever and whenever you fancy.

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