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— Daily Tune 06/12/2021

Federico Albanese And Marika Hackman Craft A Rare Neo-Classical Diamond With “Summerside”

Summer is nowhere near in sight for the next few months, but that doesn’t hold back Italian composer, pianist and producer Federico Albanese to craft a beautiful tune like Summerside, along with featuring beloved artist Marika Hackman, giving a peak behind his upcoming LP Before And Now Seems Infinite (out on Feb 22 next year). As serene piano chords establish a stately and solemn atmosphere, guest singer Hackman unfurls a melancholic and gloomy string of desires, drenched in heavy nostalgia and yearning for a place beyond the here and now. The accompanying video well underlines this line of passion, as Albanese explains: “The protagonist in the video is trying to remember something, an event from his childhood and the feelings he had back then. He’s listening to a voice in his head recounting things, a version of that memory, and he tries to bring it back to life, living it again in the present”. Hackman underlines this notion, stating that she was “struck by a sense of nostalgia, that strange in-between where you can’t ascertain what’s a dream or perhaps a faded memory”, when first listening to Albanese‘s instrumental. Tune into this mellow piece right here.


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