— Daily Tune 09/04/2020

Feng Suave Go All Easy-Minded On “Maybe Another Time”

Their anticipated new EP Warping Youth is still more than two months away (to be released June 26), but with this little gem, Amsterdam-based Feng Suave might just make it worth the wait. Immersed in smooth soul-retro-pop vibes, the dreamy tune Maybe Another Time is all about the timeless experience of losing yourself in the world around you, not being able to focus on any definite thing in the present moment. Following this light-mindedness, the serene guitar play and the occasional light-footed drums do the rest to give the piece its mild and peaceful ambiance. It is hard not to deliberately drown in the mild, cozy warmth of a tune like this. Lay back, slow dance to this, or whatever feels right for you – but do not forget to tune in right here.