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— Daily Tune 01/06/2018

Fufanu – ‘Hourglass’

If you slept on Fufanu‘s album Sports, you should catch up on it, because it was one of the best of 2017. And the Icelandic trio aren’t slowing down. Tour life made them productive, and they’re produced three EPs, all to be released this year. Dialogue 1 is the first, and they’re also released the first single. A song about death, loss and depression written about frontman Kaktus Einarrsson’s grieving for his grandparents, it doesn’t really sound to close to Sports musically. The hard rhythms and grit of Sport are gone – instead, we have a slow, drifting synth song. It’s a really beautiful thing, in a sad and world-worn way, a cinematic and moving account of processing loss. It’s out now on One Little Indian, and Dialogue 1 is out on June 29th.

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