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— Daily Tune 02/10/2020

Gadget And The Cloud Composes A Featherlight Sound Sculpture With “It Never Felt Right”

Gadget And The Cloud is the baby of Cork producer and sound artist Kelly Doherty, and she’s just dropped a new EP, Things I’ll Never Say. It Never Felt Right is the song that closes the EP, and it’s a fine showcase of what she can do. It’s music that sounds like the sun’s rays lightly painting the (nopunintendedetc) clouds, a delicately-constructed, airily pretty sound sculpture. It Never Felt Right’s structures and motions aren’t dramatic – listen carelessly and you might not even notice it change at all. But the soft shifts in tone and tempo give the song a dreamy flow, as this swirling piece of electronica blooms into life around the listener. Of the EP, Doherty says: “we’re all strong-armed into believing if we do enough or acquire enough, we’ll find our purpose and live a fulfilled life. Things I’ll Never Say is about the moments of purposelessness that are inevitable for us all and trying to find hope even in your most lost moments”.

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