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— Daily Tune 26/07/2018

Gently Tender – ‘2 Chords Good’

Palma Violets aren’t anymore. From their ashes rose the new band Gently Tender , founded by Sam Fryer, Pete Mathew and Will Doyle. The band’s line up is finished with Celia Archer (also known from The Big Moon) and guitarist Adam Brown. Their first song 2 Cords Good is based on a conversation that happened between Sam Fryer and a friend about how he should put more chords on his new album. Back then, Fryer was facing anxiety issues. This desperation turned into the need for Gently Tender to become even more ambitious than their former project Palma Violets ever was. And it definitely worked out 2 Chords Good is somewhere between Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Soul and Folk. Gently Tender are currently working on new material and are headlining a show in London’s Lexington in September.

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