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— Daily Tune 18/04/2018

GENTS – ‘Empty Shell’

There is one magic moment in GENTS’ new single Empty Shell where the synth-filled melody takes one step back, allowing the singer in all honesty and sincerity to propound ‘Now I find it hard to believe that I will find my field of expertise/ I just wanna be good at something’. The Danish duo here reflects upon a very contemporary circumstance that especially younger generations carry under their heart: Nowadays, there is so much to choose from. But then again it’s hard to find something. This serious thought is counteracted by the mellow, synth-led sound of the new song Empty Shell which is part of the two-track-package entitled Moments. GENTS produce 80s-inspired synth-led tracks as part of an overall aesthetic concept since they entered the scene three years ago. This holds true as much for the music as for their video clips or artwork. The two gentlemen from Denmark themselves call their music ‘spa pop straight outta Copenhagen’. Of course, that’s only part of the truth. GENTS’ seemingly relaxed synth pop is a place where complex issues of life are negotiated. The lyrics sometimes read like interior monologues allowing us to witness what deeply concerns us. These guys are not just another 80s tribute act. Rather they could become your next favourite band, really.

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