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— Daily Tune 27/04/2018

Gianni Brezzo – ‘Guaranteed Hoopa’

Gianni Brezzo must be the most relaxed dude ever. We can imagine him sitting next to a fireplace in a cosy house on Crete during winter time. He would be endlessly jamming with his guitar while forgetting about time and space. This is precisely what the four new fusion jazz and ambient tracks on his latest EP Siro Gravi sound like. Then again, Gianni Brezzo as one living persona does not exist. He is a fictitious character serving as a brand to put out exciting and modern jazz tunes. Amongst others, the project involves Marvin Horsch (Woman, Xul Zolar) on production duties as well as the Dorfjungs label known to help shape the sound of Cologne. Brezzo’s latest contribution to a steadily growing discography, Guaranteed Hoopa, is a mellow two and a half-minute guitar-led celebration of calmness supported by an amazingly beautiful painting-esque video clip. It almost suggests that time is standing still if it was not for the vivid sky to indicate progress. The tune and video in combination are so captivating that every one of us could be Gianni Brezzo – if only for the 2:20 minutes that Guaranteed Hoopa lasts.

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