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— Daily Tune 21/11/2018

Girl Crush – ‘Radio Silence’

Back in the old days, when life was good, it would take officially years to communicate with anyone, as letters and messages wandered from town to town at horse speed (and would take longer if the messenger got plague and had to be replaced). Now communicate is instant, and it’s turned us all into nervous wrecks panicking over why a reply hasn’t landed yet. That subject matter (more or less, give me a break) fuels the new single from London duo Girl Crush. Singer Ottilia Kjulsten says: ‘It’s about how we interact with media today, we demand instant response from everything. If someone doesn’t get back to us within a minute we freak out’Radio Silence is a piece of slick, dreamy music that straddles the genre line between indie and pop music. Less overpowering and aggressive as airy and lush, it’s subtly catchy in a way that floats into your subconscious. Radio Silence is out now on Brilliance.

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