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— Daily Tune 03/06/2020

New Moments And Moods Emerge On GRANT’s “Words”

Swedish artist GRANT made her arrival a few years ago unusually fully-formed for a new artist, dropping a debut album, In Bloom, only a few months after her debut single and presenting a sonic world of rich, dramatic, ornate pop music that gave her a developed identity from the get go. But question is, after a flying start, where do you go next? Which brings us to her new single Words. The first sample of a new EP, it leaves behind the intensity and theatre that was the trademark of her earlier work, and instead settles into something softer and more subtle. This song about confusion and doubt uses its voice quietly, but still makes itself heard, and spins into a sweeping, breezy track, prettily decorated by GRANT‘s fluttering melodies and flowing strings. The artist says: I’m in my first long-term relationship, and I’ve found that words can create chaos and cause the most horrific mix-ups, even though they’re really just sounding air. I have my boyfriend telling me all the time how much he loves me, and yet I still have a problem trusting those words, so I wanted to explore that. I think relationships are a bit like religion, they have faith and rituals, and when you doubt you should take comfort in knowing it’s because you care. It takes courage to endure. That is love”

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