— Daily Tune 06/06/2019

Hanne Hukkelberg – ‘Crazy’

Norway’s Hanne Hukkelberg has always had a flair for jigsaw songwriting, stitching together diverse elements into layered, unique pop compositions. On her new single Crazy however, the first from her upcoming album Birthmark, she simplifies things a little more. Apart from a splash of howling at the track’s opening (taken from a backstage singalong in Gothenburg), along with her usual obscure samples, including a microwave door, Crazy is a relatively straightforward song, a bubbly, eclectically rhythmic synth pop song. That lets the listener focus on the little touches in Hukkelberg’s vocal, as she gently spins and twists her words around, treating each one like a favourite toy, and sending them out into the world pressed into the perfect form. Birthmark is out on August 16.